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Welcome to SAIVE

SAIVE (Sexual Abuse And Incest Victims Emerge) is a charity based in Staffordshire offering free one to one counselling predominantly for the North Staffordshire community. All primary consideration will be given to the needs of clients who approach the group. Confidentiality is assured, allowing clients to progress at their own pace. Talking in a safe, secure and caring environment enables them to identify and begin to solve their problems.

Our phone line is open to anyone who is suffering from the effects of sexual abuse and incest. We can provide a safe space where you can talk through your experiences, thoughts and feelings.

We have now closed our services. Please refer to other local charities.

From Abuse to Addiction

Addictions are a ways to escape to find relief, to protect yourself. To gain control, to feel better. Addictions can also destroy your body, cut you off from your feelings, tear down your self esteem, interfere with relationships and sometimes kills you. It also gives you a form of control in your life. It’s as though it’s your choice therefore you are in control, unfortunately with any addiction you are not in control. It’s only when you heavily into an addiction that you realise that you are out of control, it can often be too late. Many survivors are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Drugs and alcohol are temporarily effective ways to numb feelings suppress memories, and escape from pain. Yet healing requires that you experience your feelings and look clearly at your life. You cannot do this if you’re addicted to alcohol or drugs. To heal from child abuse, you will have to break you addictions.


What We Offer

S.A.I.V.E. provides free one-to-one counselling to anyone over the age of 16 who has suffered childhood sexual abuse and incest. We provide a secure place where clients can talk through their experiences, thoughts and feelings in safety and comfort.We operate a strict confidentiality policy – we do not take notes. No records of names and addresses are held and we do not report to any other organisation (e.g. health organisations, social services, police etc). Everything discussed with a S.A.I.V.E. counsellor is completely confidential. We do NOT counsel abusers, thus ensuring that our clients feel perfectly safe when they are with us. We believe that all our clients have the potential to heal and most really do emerge as different people after several sessions. Clients who come to us with low self esteem and lacking in confidence become more able to take control of their lives, accept personal responsibility and learn to respect themselves again.